Spintax is very important, and you should use it for effective and safe posting. 

It allows the software to randomly choose a word from a "selection" of words available which would make

each post look unique. Therefore, less robotic and helps fly under the FB radar for overposting.

Take this original post as an example:

Hello, my name is John Doe, and I am excited to tell you about our new line of cars

A spintax version would look something like this:

{Hello|Hi|Howdy}, {my name is|I am} {Bob|Dave|John}, and I am {excited|thrilled|happy} to {tell|share|present} about our new line of {cars|trucks|vans|suv}

Here's some helpful tools that can help you create spintax




If you need a little inspiration coming up with alternative words to use check out this site: