WARNING! Nothing can guarantee you that your postings will not land you in FB Jail (Which means that they will prevent you from posting or commenting in groups for 7-21 days). There are (3) major rules.

#1 - Use Spintax

#2 - Never post more than 50 per day, per FB account

#3 - Always use time delay - as long as possible

Before we go into posting methods etc., there is one thing you should make sure to use to prevent any issues with posting. 

Time Delay

Delay is the time limit between each post on your selected groups/pages. So if you have selected 10 groups to post and 2 minutes delay, The app will post to each group 2 minutes apart.

So that way, It ensures that your posting doesn’t look like spam.

The delay (seconds) is for the post now and delay (minutes) inside schedule is for scheduling.


What is Post Now: With post now, you can select it, and it’ll post your message to your selected groups right from your browser live.

Make sure to select a delay, located below the message field, then select the delay from 180 to 900 seconds post now. (The longer the better)

After all that, you can select groups/pages you want to post to and click on Post now, and it’ll start posting to them. You can use the Blue colored Pause, Resume buttons pause the live posting and resume them again.

What is schedule: With schedule option, you can schedule your posts to go out on your selected groups/pages at your chosen time automatically. You don’t have to have FBGROUPLEADS or computer opened for it to work. It’ll work on autopilot.

Here’s what the each option on Schedule mean:

Post time: Select date and time you want the schedule to start.

Delay (Minutes): The time delay between each posts on groups/pages. We recommend using delay anywhere between 3 minutes to 30 minutes. The more, the better.

Auto pause after complete: You can select if you want to pause the posting for a limited time once it reaches a certain number of postings.

Time pause: It’s for Auto pause after complete.If you select 20 posts on Auto pause after complete and 15 minutes on time pause, Once the app has posted a message to 20 groups, it’ll pause for 15 minutes and then resume again, then pause once again when it hit another 20 groups.

Repeat post: You can choose to repeat the same post every X days.

End day: You can select how many days you want to run the campaign, Useful if you want to post only for certain dates.

After all the settings are done, you can click Save the schedule to schedule your posts.