FBGROUPLEADS is a feature-packed Facebook group poster.

We have taken care of everything. We have given most importance to your account’s safety. We don’t want your account blocked/banned or go to Facebook Jail.

We don’t want your posts to seen as spam by Facebook spambots. So how do you fool them? Easy, With these features:

Unique Content: Selecting the unique post option will enable the app to automatically add a unique id to each post that sends out to each group. So your posts won’t be seen as spam by being the same message over and over again. With unique ID attached and random time intervals, MaherPost ensures that your Facebook group posting needs are met without encountering any issues.

Unique Link: Unique link is basically as same as the unique post. It adds a short random code at the end of your links. It doesn’t change the destination of your links but just makes them unique in the eye of Facebook spambots.